Family Day Honoured 2020

Monday deliveries will resume Tuesday, Feb. 18, 2020

A special treat for the Ladies w/ Sundays Deliveries

Happy Valentine's Day from Jon's & Bakerlita Bakery

NEW Ordering Initiative October 18th, 2019

Saturday 10am Deadline for Sunday/Monday Orders

Tuesday 10am Deadline for Wednesday/Thursday Orders

Effective immediately, we will be filling orders on these days only.

Changing How People Feel... One Meal At a Time

Jon’s Newtrition Kitchen is not just a meal service company. Jon’s Newtrition Kitchen is the key you’ve been looking for—the key that will unlock the person you have been trying to become.

Imagine Red Seal chef created meals, made with fresh, whole, clean ingredients to deliver maximum flavour and nutritional value, and delivered right to your home. Imagine meal plans customized for your needs and goals. Imagine your hopes and dreams for a healthy, vital life coming to fruition, all through the power of nutrition.


For me, nutrition was the missing link to becoming truly healthy—in my mind, body, and soul


Meal Delivery

Don’t have time to come pick up your meals? Worry not, Jon’s Newtrition Kitchen will happily deliver to your door to save you even more time!


Custom Meal Planning

Worried about finding meals to get all of your macros? Not enough time to meal plan? Book an appointment with Jon and he’ll macro balance your meal plan specific to you, or he can match your trainers meal plan.


Our Menu

Jon loves making meals to fit your lifestyle and taste. Take a look at our menu and see what peaks your interest.


"We have both been ordering our weekly pre-pared meals from Jon’s Newtrition Kitchen since he started the company back in 2014. As owners of BodyByBrandt Training Co. , Coaches and Competitors ourselves, we take our nutrition very seriously. We have trusted in Jon’s company for the last 4 years and highly recommend you do the same."

- Dean & Leigh Brandt


"I’ve been coming to Jon’s since he first opened and his passion and hard work ethic has never changed. Jon insures quality meals from hand selected quality ingredients. Jon looks after his clients and will cater a program to fit their needs and desired goals."

- Sim Sanghera