Broccoli – P2/C7/Fib3/Cal35
Asparagus – P2/Fib2/Cal20
Zucchini – P1/C4/Fib1/Cal16
Carrots – P1/C8/Fib3/Cal35
Kaleslaw – P2.25/C8/Fat0.5/Fib3.3/Cal39

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Fresh Green Beans – Green beans sauteed in lite garlic.
Fresh Kaleslaw – A variety of six different vegetables sauteed with garlic, house vegetable broth and chili flakes (cabbage, kale, carrot, yu choy, sweet peppers and onion)
Fresh Carrots – Steamed carrots with dill and a hint of sweetness
Fresh Zucchini – Sauteed with house vegetable broth and garlic
Fresh Asparagus – Steamed asparagus
Fresh Broccoli – Steamed broccoli